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Women’s Breasts Getting Bigger – Carnal Nation

Women’s breasts are getting bigger!

According to Selfridges of London, sales of bras with cup sizes D through G have increased by 50 percent annually since 2005. The most common bra size in the UK is now a 36D compared to 34B only a decade ago.

Helen Attwood buys lingerie for Selfridges and attributes the growing trend to our increasing waistlines.

“We are seeing more demand for the larger sizes and especially for fashionable, sexy bras in bigger sizes for younger women,” says Attwood. “We are in general getting heavier and therefore more women have larger busts, but it can even change depending on the time of the month.”

However, one study refutes the connection between increases in weight and bigger breasts. TheTelegraph reports that researchers at the University of Portsmouth studied 300 women over four years and discovered an increase in breast size regardless of weight.

In response to the demand for accommodating bigger boobs, the department store has started to carry a K-cup bra by lingerie maker, Fantasie. This extra large model measures four feet around and each cup totals one and a half feet in width.



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