I is for Icing, Iconolagnia, Interfemoral Intercourse, Ithyphallophobia and Intersex

Icing refers to the act of using your hand to spread ejaculate on your partner’s face or other body part as though you’re icing a cake. We all knew that cake decorating 101 course would come in handy someday!

Iconolagnia involves erotic arousal from viewing nude photos, sculptures or statues.

Interfemoral Intercourse refers to the act of thrusting the penis between your partner’s thighs often with friction on the vulva, testicles or perineum. Sounds like some good old fashioned outercourse!

Intersex is a term used to refer to a biological variation in which a person is born with reproductive anatomy that does not seems to fit the typical definitions of male or female. There are a number of possibilities with regard to anatomical and chromosomal combinations for intersex people. Like all forms of sexual classification, intersex is a socially-constructed category, which doesn’t always reveal itself at birth. For more information, visit the Intersex Society of North America.

Ithyphallophobia (also known as Phallophobia or Medorthophobia) involves the irrational fear of seeing, having or thinking about an erect penis.

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