Top Dating Tips To Help You Find LOVE!

Earlier this week, Jess hosted a Facebook Live broadcast in partnership with a cool new dating app, Zepeel. In the video below, she shares fun, practical and effective tips to make online dating more effective. Give it a watch and be sure to leave your top dating tips in the comments here. Jess’ top tips […]

Great Winter Date Ideas

As the cold weather creeps in, you may enticed to stay at home under the covers all day. However, if you have a big date coming up or want to reignite the spark with your lover, impress them with a creative activity, rather than the inside of your apartment. I chatted with dating experts, Carmelia Ray and Deanna […]

Tech Toys to Get You in the Mood

I met Elliott Chun, Best Buy Canada’s Communication Manager, at Global Television’s The Morning Show earlier this year and I’ve been hooked on his technology-based advice ever since. We tend to hear a great deal of bad news about how technology has the potential to destroy relationships, but I think we can all benefit from another perspective. Check out Elliott’s take […]

A Peek Inside A Sex Club

I recently penned a piece on exploring sex in Toronto for Post City Magazines and have received a number of inquiries about so-called sex clubs since its publication. I decided to sit down with the owners and staff of The X Club to get some straight answers about what really happens at their local venue. 1. Do I have to be […]

Adults-Only, Clothing-Optional Resort FAQ

As a sexologist, I have one of the best jobs in the world. I am blessed to travel to far away lands, meet with fascinating people and share my adventures with a community of open minded friends. One of the best parts of my job involves working at clothing-optional, adult-only resorts like Desire Riviera Maya and […]

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