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Mindful Sex Is Within Your Grasp... Reach Out And Take It.

  • Are you struggling to be present & 'In-The-Moment' during sex?
  • Do you want your relationship - including sex - to be more meaningful, fulfilling and pleasurable?
  • Are you looking to reduce intrusive thoughts and overcome distraction during sex?
  • Do you want to learn the art of mindful giving and receiving of physical affection and pleasure?

You’ve come to the right place. Being mindful and present in your relationship and during sex can be challenging and difficult.

In this program, Dr. Jess and Dr. Malone will walk you through 25+ video and audio modules to help you embrace the moment, enhance your relationship and improve your sex life.

Observe REAL people trying and reacting to the activities for the very first time — totally unscripted.

Unlock a lifetime of pleasure by being more 'in the moment' and more connected — both to yourself and to your partners.

At The End Of This Course, You'll Feel Confident and Equipped To:

  • Use your breath to control relaxation, mind-body connection and presence
  • Practice Visualization to improve focus, reduce stress and assuage nervousness.
  • Process your feelings and become more mindful of how your body responds to stress, anxiety, pleasure and excitement.
  • Use the Body Scan to identify where you store stress, tension and emotion so that you feel more connected to your body.
  • Incorporate Touching Techniques to increase pleasure, presence, communication and connection with your partner.
  • Overcome distraction and manage a 'wandering mind'.

Being mindful and present can be challenging, especially when it comes to intimacy. This program can get you there!

What's Inside the Program?

Visualization & Presence

In Modules 1 – 3, You’ll Learn How To…

Use Breathing techniques and Visualization to increase your mind-body connection, presence and focus while and reducing stress and anxiety.

The Body Scan

In Module 4, You’ll Learn How To…

Practice the Body Scan and identify where you store stress, tension and emotion so that you feel more connected to your body.

Prepare to connect with a partner — physically and intimately.

Hand, Arm, Facial and Body Caress

In Modules 5 – 8, You’ll Learn How To…

Use physical touch techniques to improve connection with your partner.

Explore all parts of your partner’s body and be a better Giver and Receiver of touch and affection.


Intimate Touch

In Module 9, You’ll Learn How To…

Practice specific approaches and techniques to be creative and thoughtful as you explore and touch your lover’s most sensitive spots.

Overcoming Distraction

In Module 10, You’ll Learn  How To…

Overcome distraction and practice techniques to bring yourself back to the present and manage a wandering mind.

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Enroll now and start your journey towards passion, pleasure and a fulfilling sex life.

Unlock your sexual potential, ignite passion, and deepen intimacy.

Unleash a world of pleasure and connection that will leave you craving for more.

Not at all! This course is designed for folks of all backgrounds, whether you’re a seasoned mindfulness practitioner or just starting to explore the world of mindful experiences. We’ll guide you step by step, ensuring you’re comfortably in the driver’s seat of your own mindful sexual journey.

Our course is designed for flexible learning. With over 25 video and audio modules, participants have completed it in as little as a few days or taken their time over a few weeks. You can progress at a pace that suits your schedule and comfort level.

Absolutely! This course is inclusive and designed to benefit individuals of all genders, sexual orientations, and relationship statuses.

Absolutely. If you invest the time and effort and are not satisfied, we will happily return your money within 7 days of purchase. Just fire us an email and let us know why (so we know how to improve)!

I'm Jess O'Reilly

What you'll learn in this course will change your relationship and your life...

I’m a sexologist & relationship expert and I believe we can all have happier, richer & more fulfilling lives if we simply invest in our relationships.

My PhD is in human sexuality with a focus on classroom based sex education, but these days I travel around the world — from Lebanon and India to London and LA  — to work with couples who want to invest in their relationships just as they invest in every other area of their lives from health to wealth and beyond.

My workshops don’t just focus on sex, but intersect with all things related to communication, commitment, pleasure, joy, love and fulfillment.

Dr Jess

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