C is for Cupping, CAT and Clitoris

C is for Cupping:

Cupping is a form of sex play in which suction cups are placed on the skin to draw blood to the surface. Cups come in varying sizes (to suit different body parts) and some use a suction cup or vacuum to create suction, while others use heat. Specialty kits designed for the explicit purpose of cupping can be purchased from sex stores and practitioners need to exercise caution when playing with suction and fire. I advise clients to take a workshop to learn about safety measures associated with cupping and discuss safety measures with their local sex-positive retailer.

C is also for the CAT position.

Designed for penile-vaginal intercourse, the CAT offers clitoral stimulation against the male’s pelvic bone. The CAT is a basic modification of the missionary position that involves the man riding up on a woman’s pelvis so they can rock and rub the clitoris against the base of his penis and/or pelvic bone. This is how the CAT breaks down:

  1. The woman lies on her back and the man lies on top while he inserts his penis into the vagina.
  2. He then shifts his body upwards along hers (he can rest his hands/arms beside her head) so that the base of his penis and pelvic bone press firmly against her clitoral hood and pelvic bone.
  3. Traditionally, the CAT involves the woman wrapping her feet around his calves as they rock and rub against one another as opposed to thrusting.
  4. Some women find intensified pleasure in squeezing their legs together during the CAT to create greater friction and tension. This squeezing sensation can also intensify the male partner’s pleasure.

Sound technical? It’s really quite simple and feels a lot better than it looks on paper. Don’t take my word for it. Try it out for yourself and play with the CAT to find what works for you.


C  is for Clitoris.

The clitoris is remarkable for several reasons:

1.    It is the only body part that rhymes with Dolores.

2.    It is the only human organ designed solely for the purpose of pleasure. Hooray for clits!

3.    It is a complex organ of more than 18 parts!

What’s more is that the clitoral plumbing is very similar to that of the penis: it includes a head, foreskin, legs, shaft and three tubular structures that allow for erection of this responsive hot spot. More than just a pea-sized bump, research indicates that the nerve-rich clitoris is more sensitive than both the penis and the vagina. Click here to learn more.

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