4 Types of Couples — Which One Are You?

Do opposites attract? Are you really attracted to funny people or do you find attractive people funnier? And which type of dating couple are you? Researchers suggest that there are four types of dating couples and your type can influence whether the relationship lasts. Jess and Brandon explore these research topics in their last episode […]

Sex, Gender & Intimacy: People Collide with Isle McElroy

Isle McElroy joins Jess and Brandon to talk about intimacy, vulnerability and sex — on paper and in the flesh. An award-winning non-binary author based in New York, McElroy’s latest novel People Collide is a gender-bending, body-switching story exploring marriage, identity, and sex, which delves into questions about the nature of true partnership. Isle shares personal […]

Managing Burnout In Relationships: Conservation of Resources Theory

What are the signs of burnout, and how do they – show up in relationships? How might the Conservation of Resources theory apply to personal relationships? And how can we use the Conservation of Resource lens to manage burnout and improve relationships? Jess & Brandon discuss these topics and more while exploring specific strategies for […]

Eroticize Daily Interactions: 20 Actionable Tips For Busy Couple

How do you keep things exciting amid a repetitive routine? How can adults be more playful (because playfulness is associated with happier relationships & hotter sex)? What simple changes can you implement to make your daily interactions more fun, passionate and erotic — even if you’re super busy? You’re not a light switch, so you […]

How To Stop Bickering: 12 Strategies

Do you want to… Bicker less and catch yourself before you start? Stay calm and empathetic during conflict? Feel more at ease and connected so – that you’re less inclined to fight? Tune in for a discussion – of why we bicker and 12 simple strategies to reduce conflict in relationships as Jess and Brandon […]

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