Richer Relationships = Richer Lives

Richer Relationships = Richer Lives

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Meet Dr Jess

Author. Speaker. Podcaster. TV Personality.

I’m Jess O’Reilly and I’m a sexologist. Born in Canada, I’m Chinese-Jamaican on my mom’s side and Irish on my dad’s. I have a PhD in human sexuality with a focus on teacher training in sexual health & relationship education. School-based education is my passion, so if you’re a teacher, parent or student in a public school, reach out, as I’d love to come volunteer in your classroom!

These days, I travel around the world — from Switzerland and India to London and LA to work with couples who want to invest in their relationships just as they invest in every other area of their lives — from health to wealth. And my workshops don’t just focus on sex, but intersect with all things related to communication, commitment, pleasure, joy, love and fulfilment.

At Happier Couples, we want to change the world — one relationship at a time — so we also write books, contribute to articles and share insights on TV with the goal of providing an evidence-based, practical and fun approach to sex and relationships.

The Ultimate Guide to Seduction & Foreplay

Techniques and Strategies for Mind-Blowing Sex

This isn’t just about seduction. It’s your ultimate guide to erotic theory & sexual communication.

Packed with practical exercises, techniques, and creative ideas, this inclusive guide is a surefire way for folks of all genders to master the art of pleasure.

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My Top 6 Episodes

Best Tips for Quickies
1. Take turns pleasing one another. Quickies can involve all types of play and when you take turns, it can alleviate performance pressure. 
2. Use your hands to explore for the sake of pleasure as opposed to focusing on one type of play. 
3. Lube is your best friend and folks who use it report more desire, pleasure & satisfaction. Get a free ASTROGLIDE sample via the link in my bio.
4. A simple change in location can heighten awareness, which can lead to greater sensitivity and pleasure. 
5. Keep your clothes on to save time & kink it up.
6. Build anticipation. The physical act will inevitably be quick, but you can build anticipation over time to heighten desire and prolong the pleasure.
May the fourth be with you. 😊🪄Consider these tips to make the most of your 💦:  💧Use your breath to warm the lube in your hand before sensually applying with feather light touch.
💧Use a soft paint brush or makeup brush to “paint” the body.
💧Squeeze some lube into the palm of your hand. Allow it to drip generously onto the skin while you make a show of admiring every square inch.
💧Put your lube in the fridge for an hour and apply it with the warm palms of your hands.
💧Institute a no-hands rule when it comes to applying lube so that you will get creative with other props and body parts.
💧Polish your lips with lube…
Research reveals that those who use lube report higher levels of arousal, pleasure and sexual fulfilment. And data confirms that symptoms of sexual dysfunction are significantly decreased when you add lube to the mix. Gone are the days in which lube was a matter of anatomical necessity or clinical prescription; lovers of all ages, genders and sexual orientations now embrace lube as an indispensable sexual enhancement.

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