A Newbie’s First Experience at Desire Resorts

As you probably know, I visit Desire Resorts in Mexico several times per year to facilitate couples workshops, host book signings and recharge my batteries to the sound of the ocean breeze. And if you’ve ever heard me speak, you know that I always return with a handful of stories, anecdotes and lessons (like The Claudia AKA The Goddess) drawn from my interactions with the couples I meet at the resorts. Not surprisingly, I receive more questions about Desire Resorts than almost any other topic (e.g. What happens there? Is everyone naked? Do you get naked? Do you see people having sex in public?), so I’ve recruited a “newbie” guest to answer some questions about her first visit.

Julie, a Canadian Public Relations specialist, was thrilled to share her insights and experience.

Jess: What prompted you to visit Desire Resorts in the first place?

Julie: I have always been a very open-minded, sexual being. It took years as an adult to discover who I am, and to come to terms with the fact that not everyone will approve, and I won’t fit in with all social circles.

When I first heard about Desire Resorts, I couldn’t book a trip fast enough. It encompassed so many of my favourite things in one place: gourmet food with an emphasis on aphrodisiac cuisine, clothing optional pool parties, intense nightlife, and an all-around sexy, passionate atmosphere. Desire tickled my fancy before I even arrived.

Jess: Did you have any hesitations/concerns before you left?

Julie: Anytime I try something new, or visit a new place, there are always some form of nerves, hesitations and concerns. However, as soon as I booked my first trip to Desire, I experienced an overwhelming feeling of excitement! The anticipation leading up to the trip, was almost as much fun as being there… Almost!

As someone who admittedly does a bit of over-thinking, I believe I had the same typical questions and concerns that most first-timers, especially women, would have prior to their inaugural trip to Desire. Who will I meet? Will they like me? Will I like them? How will I compare to the other women there? What’s this about clothing optional and is it something I want to participate in? Will I be pressured to get naked and partake in things I’m not ready for?

From my experience I quickly learned that “your concerns” are just that – YOUR concerns. No one cares what you look like! Whether you get completely naked or sport a conservative one piece, you are welcomed just the same; with a smile and open arms.

Building confidence and reducing my personal insecurities required inside work. However, I actually found that going to a place like Desire, helped me to further achieve this. I soon discovered more about myself – what I liked, what I wanted, and what I needed, both sexually and otherwise.

My advice to anyone traveling to Desire for the first time is to relax and spend some time thinking about your boundaries as an individual and as a couple.

Jess: What were your first impressions when you arrived?

Julie: Welcoming staff; beautiful, pristine grounds; sexy artwork; a cold, crisp glass of champagne… I knew that Desire would live up to all of my expectations and more before I even left the lobby! This theme continued with entering our room and discovering our very own private, romantic, sexy oasis. When venturing out to explore, we met the most friendly, like-minded people I could have ever hoped to cross paths with.

I always tell inquiring minds how excited and turned on I am every time I visit Desire; right from that welcome glass of champagne, straight through until the moment I leave! Desire is a sensual, sexually charged place. While it may not be intended for everyone, I discovered quickly that it’s meant for me! I instantly felt like I could be my true self and had a sense of belonging – Something I had yet to experience before.

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What were the highlights of your first visit? What did you learn about yourself at Desire?

I had experience in the “Lifestyle” prior to visiting Desire, but was very excited to explore that side of myself, combined with a tropical vacation. The highlights from my first trip include: Amazing memories in the pool and Jacuzzi; delicious, sexy meals; passionate one-on-one time with my partner; exploring fantasies and trying new things; enjoying the Desire Erotic Massage experience (trust me, it’s worth it!); and the countless other memorable times we spent with the new friends we met! I am likely going to hell for the alcoholic whipped cream incident in the Jacuzzi, but it’s safe to say I won’t be going there alone!

I am so thankful for my first and subsequent experiences at Desire, and will continue to return for more fun! I always learn something new about myself with each visit, but I am most appreciative to have discovered that I can be myself and be celebrated for who I am. What an amazing feeling!

Desire has made a big impact on my voyage to self-discovery. It has been a significant part of helping me understand what I need in a relationship, in myself, and life in general.

Jess: Has your visit to Desire Resorts changed you or your relationship in any way?

Julie: Desire has definitely changed me for the better. I look forward to continuing the adventure with regular trips back to these beautiful resorts. Desire and similar resorts put you and your relationship under a microscope and to the test. It’s easy to identify the couples who may not be on the same page, are experiencing insecurities individually or as a couple, and who have not quite agreed on their boundaries. I would be lying if I said I’ve never been that couple at Desire before.

In my experience, if you go in as a strong team, communicate effectively, and put jealousy aside, you will come out on top 😉


Important note: Though I (Jessica O’Reilly) have an existing relationship with Desire Resorts, this blog post represents the honest answers of a real client (she’d likely be willing to answer more questions if you’re interested in getting in touch). Julie received no compensation for this interview — she simply wants to share her experience in hopes that others may benefit and she was one of many guests who offered to participate. 







Interview compiled by Jessica O’Reilly & Katelyn Rea.

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