How and when to talk to your kids about sex

Jess had the pleasure of sitting down with Cityline’s Tracy Moore to talk about one of her favourite topics: how to talk to young people about sex. They discussed timing, approaches, sexting, porn literacy and more. Check out the video as well as the summary notes below. Rough notes from this video below. Q: At […]

Feeling Lonely? You’re Not Alone.

We all crave connection. It’s a universally human experience. Not only because we’ve always relied upon social supports for survival, but because all types of connection — from the casual to the intimate — are essential to mental health, physical wellness and overall life satisfaction. So diving into the data on loneliness is worrisome. Is […]

Cheating Questions Answered

Cheating is more common than we’d like to admit, and the experience is shrouded in shame, which encourages those affected to manage their most difficult challenges and feelings in secret. This secrecy further reinforces feelings of shame, creating a burdensome loop that makes managing cheating a seemingly insurmountable task. We need to break this cycle […]

Sex Q&A Quickie: How long should sex last & more!

Every day, I receive sex and relationship questions on every platform you can think of. Questions and answers range from the simple (Am I gay if I like anal sex? Of course not.) to 10-paragraph essays outlining detailed relationship issues that span decades and originated before I was born. From teens to seniors, sex gets […]

Your Holidays Just Got Naughtier

Looking for the perfect holiday adult play date? If you’re based in Los Angeles or the Southern Californian area, we may have the perfect party for you! Jess had a chance to interview adult entertainer and entrepreneur, Alina Ratuska. Alina will be hosting a “Naughty Santa Party” in Beverly Hills this Saturday (December 16th). Alina is the […]

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