R is for Raphe, Retifism, Rimming & Rusty Trombone

R is for

The Raphe is the dividing line that runs all the way from the anus, across the perineum, up the scrotal sac to the very tip of the penis. Ask your partner to stand with his legs shoulder-width apart while you kneel on the floor beneath him and lick his raphe with a wide, wet tongue. […]

Q is for Quasimodo-Wank, Queef, Quickie and QUILTBAG


Thanks to my British friend, Jon Jackson, for defining Quasimodo-Wank which involves masturbating to the sound of bells. And why not? If the clock strikes twelve and the mood happens to strike you, then go for it! Just don’t do it beneath the church bell tower please and thank you. The Queef is also known as a vaginal […]

P is for Pearl Necklace, Pegging, Penguin, Phallophobia and Priapism.

Pearl Necklace

The Pearl Necklace involves spraying your ejaculate on your partner’s neck/chest so that it looks like s/he is wearing pearls. Use your imagination and remember to ask first! Pegging refers to a woman penetrating her male partner’s butt with a strap-on dildo. The term was coined by Dan Savage who asked his readers to vote on the best term for […]

O is for Octopus, Oyster and Osmolagnia


The Octopus sex position involves two people sitting on their bums face-to-face with their arms on the ground behind them for support. The receptive partner puts his/her legs up on the other’s shoulders so that their eight limbs can be used to help thrust around like an octopus. The Oyster sexual technique is much like the teabag […]

N is for Nibbing, Nose Job & Nocturnal Emission


After a very long break in Alphabet Sex Soup, let’s resume where we left off with the not-so-nasty letter N… Nibbing refers to hiding an erection by tucking the penis into the waistband of your pants or underwear. No one will ever know!!! Sex is supposed to be sticky and messy right? So why not get your […]

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