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Last month’s workshops brought me so much joy & the Coastal San Diego chapter stood out for their enthusiasm and unmatched willingness to share from the moment we walked into the room.
Here are a few takeaways from the group session:
1. Gush. Go on and on about your partner — to their face, behind their back and on the microphone in front of your friends and peers. Compliment them and show gratitude in abundance - even if it makes you feel uncomfortable. 
Don’t *assume* they know how great they are. *Tell* them.
2. Cackle. Let laughter be your hobby. Indulge in the feel-good hormones that promote bonding, diffuse tension and create shared meaning. 
One of the first participants to hop on the mic and gush about his partner highlighted how much fun they have together and how they find themselves “in stitches” on the daily — roaring laughter all night long, which is absolutely related to roaring pleasure of all kinds.
3. Alarm clock. Do you take your phone into your bedroom? Do you rationalize falling asleep and waking up to your phone on account of its function as an alarm clock.
There’s a simple solution: get an alarm clock.
Leaving your phone out of your bedroom (even once or twice a week) is a game changer. The mere presence of our devices detracts from connection, trust and presence — all of which lay the groundwork for pleasure and fulfilling relationships.
Thank you to @heh_ther AKA @theheatherfactor for including me in your programming! It was a pleasure.
I’m behind on the posts, so we’ve got tips from Bahamas, DC, NYC, Miami and more coming up…

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