A is for A-Spot — Can You Find It?

Most of you have probably heard of the G-Spot, but the A-Spot is another exciting zone that can produce intense sexual pleasure as well as rapid lubrication and contractions in some women. Also known as the AFE (Anterior Fornix Erogenous) zone, this area of sensitivity is located at the deepest point of the vagina on the upper (anterior)  wall where it begins to curve upwards.

According to Malaysian researcher, Dr. Chua Chee Ann, who is credited with “discovering” the A-Spot, this sensitive area is located beyond the G-Spot just above the cervix. (The cervix is the narrow lower part of the uterus that protrudes into the vagina appearing as a circular or tube-like structure.) Check out the super-awesome Beautiful Cervix Project to learn more about what the cervix looks like.

How to find and stimulate the A-Spot: Dr. Chua’s research suggests that stimulation of the A-Spot can result inincreased lubrication in women who experience vaginal dryness. He suggests inserting a clean, lubricated finger (trim those nails first!) into the vagina along the upper wall and reaching to the deepest point. While you’re in there, you can also move your fingers around to locate your cervix, which may feel round, rubbery and a bit firmer than the rest of the vagina.

Once you reach the deepest point of the vagina just above the cervix, Dr. Chua advises clients to continue stroking and applying pressure on this spongy area until you begin to lubricate. Then move your finger in an in-and-out motion along the upper wall including the G-Spot according to what feels good for you. Some women experience greater lubrication and more consistent arousal after stimulating this area for 5-10 minutes each day for at least a week. Though Dr. Chua claims that stimulation of the A-Spot can result in instant sexual arousal despite subjective feelings (stress, boredom, relationship troubles, etc.), I caution clients to use physical techniques like this one in conjunction with activities that promote relaxation, intimacy and improved communication. No physical technique alone can “solve” relationship issues or replace the power of  honest, open communication.

If you don’t find the A-Spot on your first try or if you do not experience pleasure or arousal, don’t worry – there are plenty of other hot spots on the wondrous female body and you still get an A for effort.  (Sorry! I couldn’t resist that one.) As always, bear in mind that every woman is different and just because the A-spot is a hot zone for some women, this does not guarantee that all women will enjoy direct stimulation. In fact, some women find pressure on or around the cervix uncomfortable, so communication is of utmost importance when experimenting with partnered sex play. I advise clients to explore their bodies on their own before involving a partner, as becoming master of your own domain can lead to better sexual experiences when you do decide to partner up.

Though the A-Spot is located at the back of the vagina, a long penis is not necessary to stimulate this area, as the average vaginal canal is quite short and even an index finger can be used to reach the AFE zone. While vaginal size varies greatly from woman to woman, a recent study found that the average length of the vagina is less than 3 inches. Couples can also play with different positions to access this responsive area, but should bear in mind that most women do not orgasm consistently from penetration or intercourse alone. Stay tuned for more information on how different sex positions can create diverse sensations and stimulate various areas of the genital region in an upcoming post and feel free to reread previous posts on how to touch a woman for a quickie refresher.

Until next time, have fun, experiment and always practice safer sex!

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