Candid Conversations: Managing the ‘Work Spouse’ and Therapy Avoidance

In this Q&A, Jess and Brandon weigh in on listener queries related to “work spouses”, dealing with a partner who refuses to go to therapy and “love tattoos”: “My husband has a coworker who introduced herself to me as his work wife. I didn’t even know how to respond. When I talked to him about […]

Sex & Relationship Q&A: Cheating, Trust & Sexual Pressure

How do you define cheating? And how do you recover once trust has been broken? How do you deal with sexual pressure from a partner? Jess and Brandon weigh in on personal questions from listeners. They also share an offer from Womanizer in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month: if you’re a survivor, request your […]

How To Plan A Successful Threesome

In Part II of our threesome discussion, we share questions and prompts to consider before you have a threesome — for individuals and couples. We also share some of our listeners’ insights on threesomes and discuss couples’ privilege. Check out the questionnaires below, and be sure to check out and use code DRJESS50 to […]

All About Threesomes

Most people fantasize about threesomes, but not many people – actually dive in. In part I of our Threesomes podcast, we dive into the data and get some practical advice from Justin Lehmiller – who answers your questions including: How common are threesomes? What counts as a threesome? How does a threesome affect relationships for […]

Pleasure, Spanking & Masculinity with King Noire

Curious about kink, spanking, ethical porn and how to have better sex? The inimitable King Noire shares his perspective of pleasure, pansexuality, performance and much more in this candid conversation with Jess & Brandon. King Noire is an accomplished and award-winning writer, porn performer, artist, Master Fetish Trainer, MC, and global activist using the proceeds […]

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