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What are your Green Flags in dating & relationships? A few of mine:
✔️Their actions reflect their words.
✔️They’re kind and conscientious. 
✔️They want me to be a part of their life — not the source of life.
✔️They show interest and care for people and issues beyond their bubble.
✔️They bring fun to the table and aren’t looking for me to make life fun for them.
✔️They express desire for connection that isn’t contingent upon receiving it first.
✔️They cultivate and contribute to community in their family, neighbourhood, etc.
Best Tips for Quickies
1. Take turns pleasing one another. Quickies can involve all types of play and when you take turns, it can alleviate performance pressure. 
2. Use your hands to explore for the sake of pleasure as opposed to focusing on one type of play. 
3. Lube is your best friend and folks who use it report more desire, pleasure & satisfaction. Get a free ASTROGLIDE sample via the link in my bio.
4. A simple change in location can heighten awareness, which can lead to greater sensitivity and pleasure. 
5. Keep your clothes on to save time & kink it up.
6. Build anticipation. The physical act will inevitably be quick, but you can build anticipation over time to heighten desire and prolong the pleasure.

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